I have had the opportunity to work for various brands and create social media content. These graphics are incorporated throughout social media to create a consistent brand identity. While all graphics are unique, they coordinate with all the other pieces to better establish the feel and style of each specific company.


Park is a restaurant and bar located in Columbia, Missouri. This upscale dining features local ingredients with a fun Asian inspired spin. Park has a minimalist style with lots of contrast between the rich colors and the bright white designs. Geometric shapes are widely used to heighten the hexagon logo.


Brookside is a student apartment complex with three locations surrounding the University of Missouri. The demographic for their branding is geared to college-aged student which is demonstrated by trendy typography and bold patterns. Brookside represents themselves in a lively way, which allows them to use fun graphics.


Aria is a luxury apartment complex located in Columbia, Missouri. This upscale living, is home to many young professionals. Arias branding consist of minimalistic typography, simple icons, and monochromatic color schemes. This mature style of branding is perfect for the resident's demographic.